Lincoln Nebraska after winning the 2017 FSAE Electric Competition

I’m Jay Fleischer, an engineer graduating in May 2019 from the University of Pennsylvania with a masters in robotics and undergraduate degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering. I especially enjoy software development and have gained a lot of practical experience as the software lead of Penn Electric Racing, a team that designs, builds and races custom electric racecars. Over the years I’ve worked on a variety of projects for the team, including writing the firmware for our four custom 30kW motor controllers with a control loop that runs at over 32kHz and developing a live graphing program for data analysis. I’ve also laid the foundations for making the car autonomous by creating a racecar simulation from scratch for testing a model predictive control algorithm and generating images with motion blur. To put it concisely, I love being challenged, whether it’s taking difficult classes, getting the racecar to drive when it seems like there isn’t quite enough time or running 52 miles in the 2018 SF ultramarathon.