Penn Aerospace

I was on the Penn Aerospace Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC) team for my first year and a half at Penn. My main focus was on the electronics and software, but later I worked on the mechanical design. We attemped to get bidirectional communications working with the balloon, but struggled to debug the system and never got it working. We attempted to perform an experiment analyzing bacteria in the upper atmosphere and to get pictures, but ran into issues and never got either. My final semester I worked on a system to guide the payload down to a target using the magnus effect, but we never got a chance to test it on an actual balloon, partly because I was too busy with robockey. I finally decided I didn't have enough time for both Penn Electric and Penn Aerospace and decided to leave the team, because I was accomplishing more and learning a lot more from Penn Electric. For more information about the club, see the Penn Aerospace Website

Transceiver and GPS Testing
Final Launch Preparations
Another Successful Launch
Our balloon stuck in a tree (again). Fortunately the power company helped us get it down.